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VASARI™ Personalized Vehicle Parking Lifts

VASARI™ subterranean parking lifts are designed to provide parking and/or storage for two full sized vehicles/SUVs by vertically stacking them within the same footprint. This underground parking system lowers one vehicle to a lower elevation (basement, pit, etc.) for storage and security. Once lowered, a second vehicle can be driven onto a second, upper "canopy" platform, which has occupied the floor opening at street or grade level.

When you purchase a VASARI™ vehicle lift, you are buying:


Your family vehicle, or collection of vehicles, is secure below grade in a subterranean pit or basement area.


Your family's safety is our Number#1 concern. Every VASARI™ parking lift is designed and manufactured to nationally-recognized safety standards, and we offer a wide variety of added safety options.


We provide you with the same attention to detail and the same rigorous quality assurance processes we provide to our largest commercial customers.

Peace of Mind

All car lifts are NOT created equal! Every VASARI™ vehicle lift is designed and built in the USA with the best materials available to provide many years of trouble-free and dependable service

Factory Support

Because VASARI™ lifts are manufactured and serviced within the United States – and not made in some other country & merely marketed in the US – you have a friend at the factory ready to give you full customer service


The lifting experts at Autoquip can help you select one of a variety of standard or custom subterranean lift parking solutions to design the parking lift to fit your home's design, NOT your home's design to fit the parking lift

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