Elevator Design Center

Your imagination is the only limit to how your home elevator will work, look, and blend in with your home’s decor!

Glass windows can open up a whole new experience for your elevator ride and make the cab seem to flow outside the hoist way. Imagine how nature or landscape scenes painted on the hoist way walls would look with dramatic lights showcasing the artwork.

You can have a wood finished cab match all the existing custom cabinets in your home. Or you can cover the cab walls and floors with non-traditional materials like exotic fabrics, artwork, tapestries, ceramic tiles or stonework. There really is no limit.

From a function and ease of use perspective, we have a list of options:

  • Power gate operators
  • A variety of gate materials and finishes 
  • Sliding doors
  • Distinctive call station hardware 
  • Cab lighting options 
  • Security entry systems

Adding mirrors is a popular way to add dimension and make the cab seem larger.