Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

What is a vertical wheelchair lift? There are three basic types of vertical wheelchair lifts:

  • Enclosure Lift
  • Hoistway Lift
  • Residential Porch Lift

*All vertical wheelchair lifts consist of a platform that will move vertically up or down by using constant-pressure controls.

Enclosure Lift

  • Self-contained enclosure provides a smooth, enclosed runway for lift platform to operate within.
  • Enclosure consists of steel or aluminum frame, with steel, plexiglass, or laminated safety glass infill panels.
  • Custom colors available to match existing aesthetics, or to make design stand out.

Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts

  • Inclined platform wheelchair lifts are custom designed and manufactured for each individual home.
  • For design versatility, an inclined lift can be mounted on either side of the stairway depending on the stairway design and location, and can sometimes be installed with little or no structural modifications.
  • Our experience enables us to design the inclined lift that best meets your needs and local code requirements. Call or email us to schedule an appointment today.

Residential Porch Lift

  • Designed for short, residential lifting applications up to 6 feet high.
  • Has a flip-up ramp at on the lower landing side of the platform, two 36″ high side-guards on the non-exit sides.
  • Uses a stationary landing gate with an interlock mounted at the upper landing.
  • Perfect for attached garages with a landing in front of the door to the house.

Hoistway Lift

  • Lift consists of the platform, drive-tower and landing doors. The smooth, enclosed runway is provided by a contractor; typically with framed walls and sheetrock.
  • In certain circumstances, the Hoistway Lift can penetrate a floor, similar to an elevator.
  • Design enables the lift to blend into its surroundings, making it less conspicuous

Residential wheelchair lifts, sometimes called platform wheelchair lifts, are very versatile devices that can aid entry into & out of homes, or within the home.