At American Elevator, we have professional engineers, trained and licensed technicians, and a knowledgeable support staff ready to help you find just the right solution for your accessibility need.

American Elevator has established itself as the premier choice for accessibility lifts and elevators in the Southeast.



After transforming the small elevator company into a success, Jim decided to launch his own company, American Elevator. In 2005 after years of success and sustained growth. Jim reached out to partner with his brother Michael. After a successful career in corporate sales and executive management roles, Michael welcomed the new opportunity. 



James E. Graff

Married with two children

Residence - Oakwood, GA

Founding 1997

Industry Experience - 24 years



Michael A. Graff

Married with five children

Residence - Atlanta, GA

27 years in sales, sales management and branch management for Minolta, Pitney Bowes and MCI.